New Beer Alert: Sour Brett Ale 18 Apr
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Created entirely in the brewery without aging, this funky and sour ale is a mixed culture beer, fermented with Brett and soured with Pediococcus and Lactobacillus.


sour brett ale 2017


After enjoying the success of our first forays into sour beer (especially the 2016 release of Wild Red Ale), the team were hankering for some more “play time”. However, the cold winter has slowed the development of future vintages of WRA which are ticking-over in our barrel room. To satisfy the itch, we’ve delved into the world of primary Brettanomyces fermentation, designing a sour ale fermented in stainless and using two different Brettanomyces strains. To aid the complexity of this funky and tart creation, prior to the Brett fermentation we introduced a kettle souring regime involving both Lactobacillus and Pediococcus bacteria.


Tasting Notes
This is a purely yeast driven beer with no late kettle or dry hopping. The simple malt bill has created a hazy, pale orang beer that is redolent of lazy, late-summer afternoons. The aroma displays classic Brett funk with a zesty acidity balancedby sweet summer fruits –think peaches, apricots and mango with a hint of forest fruits – that border on confectionary in their intensity. The palate is unmistakeably Brett with touches of rustic funk underneath a bracing lactic acidity. The sweet fruits are in play too, the whole being reminiscent of childhood sour candies, lemon sherbet and green gooseberries. The finish is lipsmackingly dry.


Mixed Culture Brettanomyces
fermented Sour blonde ale

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Hop Tart is Coming 05 Jan
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Ordinarily, we use just four ingredients – water, malt, hops and yeast – to create delicious beers. This time around we decided to add another layer of complexity by using some Lactobacillus, bacteria from the same friendly family that turn milk into yoghurt and have been used as components  in complex Belgian sour beers for centuries. These helpful critters produce lactic acid, which, in judicious amounts, can create beers with a refreshing sourness.

There is more than one way to get this sourness into beer and we chose to naturally sour our wort in the kettle via an extended  rest with a  population of the bacteria before the boil, then finishing the fermentation with house yeast in the normal way.

Traditional European sour beers are usually low in bitterness with little or no hop character. We decided to take a New World approach and marry citrusy Australian hops to the lemony lactic tang.

Tasting Notes:

A light and hazy gold, Hop Tart has a zesty aroma of citrus and bright tropical fruits. The flavour awakens the palate with a surprising light tartness that blends beautifully with the lemony hop character. The finish is clean,  slightly sour, dry and refreshing… a true new world beer, not bound by style but led by the brewers fancy for a quenching summer ale.

4.5% ABV  25IBU


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We make it ourselves, microbrewed from authentic, natural ingredients. Uncompromising craft beer, bold and brimming with character.

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